What do you think about Quadruple Star Systems?

I was thinking if a world that is habitable is possible within a quadruple star system. By that I mean two double stars that are orbiting one another. Will the planet slingshot in between both double stars? Or maybe the orbit of the two double star system within the quadruple star system is too far apart that it doesn’t matter to the planet. If so, how will the planet revolve in the specified double star? Elliptical maybe?

While we’re at it, what could be the seasons in the said planet assuming that it is in the habitable zone. Would it be the same as in our planet? I have been googling this topic for a while but alas, my googling skills are sub par and I can’t really find answers to my questions.

If anyone is unfortunate enough to stumble upon this thread, please do try to answer it to the best of your knowledge… that or just move on. I would most likely just put it here and come back after a few weeks to see if there is any who would stumble upon this.

Also, off-topic, how do people actually stumble upon simple posts like this? Or is it even possible? Maybe this post will be stored in the depths of wordpress… forever… Not that it matters though, someday I might meet a smartass that could answer these questions for me.

Another off-topic, I wonder what would a planet with rings be like? I mean when we live there. Imagine the coldness from the areas that are covered by the rings (north and south) assuming that the planet is tilted. But… BUT… What if, the planet is in the quadruple star system? Maybe, just maybe, the second star in the double star would shine the parts where the first star couldn’t? Or not… never mind that….

If you are confused as what I mean by double star; in case I wasn’t clear enough, I’ve read that in a quadruple star system, it usually comprises of two double stars (or you may call it twin stars?). These double stars would revolve around another double star turning it into a quadruple star system… AMAZING RIGHT?! Why can’t our solar system be like that? I mean you get to see two close stars and two distant stars!

What do you think about Quadruple Star Systems?



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